I came to London around 5 years ago and didn’t know anyone in the industry, since then it's been quite a struggle to build a network of creatives. The ‘If Not Now Then When?’ events stemmed from conversations with industry friends regarding the networking platforms available to design professionals. We agreed the industry should be much more accessible to everyone and, as a result I decided to set up my own events, conceived to help design professionals build a solid network and to create a design community where people are able to come together as friends as well as business contacts.

‘If Not Now Then When?’ events are purposefully casual, in order to encourage networking between guests, and feature a series of short talks by truly inspiring design professionals, creating a special atmosphere in which minds can be stimulated and inspired.

The talks are short, and the speakers can discuss their career, inspirations, future work and their story as a successful creative. Their chosen topic is open for them to decide as I believe this is important in order to keep each talk diverse and individual. By offering ‘bite-sized’ stories showcasing a wealth of different career paths, there is an opportunity to bond over a better design understanding.

Vision - To build a creative community through design understanding